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Cherie Ray

Cherie has a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University. Through her career experiences, she’s had the unique opportunity to explore business as both an entrepreneur and a corporate employee. She built and sold three successful businesses giving her extensive exposure to landscape design, international urban design and redevelopment, wholesale services and oil/gas logistics.

Following the sale of her last business, she began teaching workshops about the deeper intelligence behind life through the creative process, both nationally and internationally. Out of this work, individuals, couples, families and business leaders began asking Cherie to coach privately. In all of these arenas Cherie’s work effectively enhanced collaboration, innovation, and connection for teams, couples, families and individuals.

As her work evolved, Cherie began studying the work of Sydney Banks with Pransky & Associates in LaConner, WA and has completed their internationally acclaimed Mentorship Program. She is a regular small group facilitator at the Pransky’s practitioner trainings as well as a national Three Principals speaker.

She began to see how state-of-mind impacts every experience and endeavor in life. For her, it was like discovering an owner’s manual for being human. It wasn’t a technique that needed to be learned or applied, but became self-evident when explained and experienced. Everything got real simple.

Today, she shares this understanding with great enthusiasm. She sees how this efficient and effective system, which works independently of an individual’s circumstances, brings hope and resilience to her clients. Through her work, she finds this new paradigm as life-enriching for her clients as it is for herself.

“Cherie Ray is a gifted, grounded, heart-centered coach dedicated to creative success. She can get you in touch with your aliveness and help you move in the direction of your dreams.” Alan Cohen

Lecturer, Teacher, and Author

Our Vision

To be in service to humanity. Teaching the earthly understanding of the universal human experience in order to facilitate self-acceptance and to enable relaxation into our spiritual nature while navigating life. Inviting and allowing Divine Intelligence to lead the direction and form of our work.

Our Mission

We support others in understanding how state-of-mind impacts intimacy, collaboration, productivity, profitability and possibility. We work with individuals, teams, couples, families and corporations. We teach an understanding that brings each participant ease, hope and resilience.

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