This morning the sweetest message came to me, out of the blue, “We came from LOVE, we are LOVE, and we will return to LOVE.” It appears to me to be a response to a recent inquiry with God about how my mind makes determinations, conclusions, and... read more

Where is Aliveness?

It’s fall! It was very exciting to step outside this morning and feel a hint of fall. With the change of weather it occurred to me how that seems to stimulate an awakeness to life. All of a sudden any feeling of stuckness goes to the back and aliveness comes to the fore front. Aliveness is a topic that fascinates me and seems to show up in the majority of my coaching client’s desires for seeking support…

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Where Limitation Lives…

Have you ever wondered where limitation exists in your life? This has became so obvious to me lateley that I felt the need to share. Recently, I have been surprised by the notion of just showing up in life regardless of my preferences and perceived capabilities. It occurred to me, to move with the flow of life and to not micro manage its unfoldment…

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Squirrels-Living Discouragement Proof

On Saturday, I was sitting at my computer and something caught my eye. As I looked up, I saw my bird feeder swinging largely from left to right. At first I thought someone had walked by and pushed it because it was swaying so big. As I looked closer, I saw a squirrel working its way up the trunk, getting in position to take another giant leap at the feeder. With the focus…

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Consistently Buying a Train to Crazy Town

Where do you go when you’re not present in your life in real time? I don’t know about you but I find myself in Crazy Town. I named this place Crazy Town because I find myself there when I’m living from my thinking and not in the moment. Have you noticed how often you find your mind has taken you into another place or time? It’s like waking up from a dream! You were having the full experience…

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