A Great Gift: “Getting Over Yourself”

I love the fact that all human beings have the ability to receive new information via insight. Insight is the effortless, natural ability to see something fresh. Insight seems to pop into our minds from out-of-the-blue. Something that was once invisible to us becomes obvious… that’s insight.

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The Cassou Institute for Creative Freedom Board Member: Cherie Ray

I was bitten, but by what?  It happened at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in majestic Taos, New Mexico in the early 2000’s.  This is where I met Michele Cassou and directly experienced her Point Zero Painting Process. I had put my name on the waiting list for my very first workshop, feeling confident that it wasn’t going to happen.  Two weeks before the workshop was to begin, I got the call that I’m in.  Yikes! What have I done!! Since I had dropped out of every formal art class I had ever enrolled in, I had great doubts about what I could possibly do for 9 days in front of a piece of paper!  It’s no joke when I say I didn’t have a clue what I would do. I meant it.  I was afraid AND had no art experience.  But something propelled me to show up anyway. The first few days were filled with doubt and skepticism. I really couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of “no right way “ to do this process — there was “no wrong way” to do this process; everybody in the studio “got it” but me; and there was nothing to “figure out”!  After the third full day of putting paint on paper, something inside me was deeply touched.  Something that had longed to be present in my life.  Something that I didn’t know I was missing. Michele’s process was an invitation to experience being me and to explore following my intuition with no consequences. As I reflect back, I realize what I was bitten by — 100% permission, freedom,... read more

4 Tips for Stress-Free Solutions

Hello Friends, Today I’m writing you from Salt Spring Island, BC, where I’m attending a conference.  Preparing for this conference is where this story begins. Getting to Salt Spring requires taking a float plane. It all sounds fun until you get the news that you can only carry 25 pounds on the flight. That’s it, 25# for 6 days, including purse, mobile office, etc.  I’m laughing because my clothing takes up the least amount of poundage in this equation and my incidentals the most! What occurred to me, through this process, is how often seeking solutions can bring additional stress.  In our innocence, we get to work on ‘figuring it out’.  This is where we start to resemble a dog with a bone; we chew on it until we’re exhausted or stressed out.  We just can’t let it go until we know the solution.  There’s another way. Here are 4 Tips for Stress-Free Solutions: 1. Know that you have a factory installed Creative Process built into your design as a human being.  We all carry this feature.  What’s cool about this feature is; the more you enlist it, the more it works on your behalf, the more you experience it, your confidence in its presence in your life soars. 2. Stop ruminating or trying to figure out a solution.  This habit adds congestion to your head space and consumes your bandwidth for what’s requiring your immediate attention.  Too many things living in your head space is where the feelings of overwhelm and burnout come from. 3. Relax; know that you have an inner resource that will lead you to your... read more

Want to be Authentic? Let’s Look at the Truth of Who You Are.

Hello Friends- I hope this article finds you smiling and thriving in your life.   In my work with coaching clients and facilitating workshops exploring innate creativity, my intention is to have you realize you are not broken or deficient of what’s needed to live authentically and to have a wonderful experience of life. Your True self consists of love, peace, joy, and harmony. This is what you are!   Too often your True self gets covered up by many layers of life-conditioning and experiences. As you move through life you interpret these experiences and conditioning to be the truth about you and the truth about life. If you want to live authentically, it’s helpful to be reminded that you don’t need to add anything. Typically, what’s most helpful for you, is to let lots of mental-things fall away. When that happens, your True self has the opportunity to be seen and experienced. Below you will find an excerpt from a book that articulates exactly what I’m attempting to express. If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy your week! Have some fun, for no good reason! Smiles, Cherie Excerpt from:  Seduced by Consciousness  by Jack Pransky Essence and Oneness What exists, what remains, once we see illusion for what it is? The essence of who we are as Human beings, spiritual beings. We are the essence of who we are. We are essence! Our true nature. We can only create the illusion that we are not. Our essence contains pure peace, pure love and pure wisdom. How do we know? Because when our... read more


This morning the sweetest message came to me, out of the blue, “We came from LOVE, we are LOVE, and we will return to LOVE.” It appears to me to be a response to a recent inquiry with God about how my mind makes determinations, conclusions, and assessments. In addition to these assessments, they have a convincing tone while simultaneously feeling true. I find myself drinking the Kool-Aid of my own thinking as if it were the true definition of how life works. As a result, I am filled with a YUK feeling. What appears to be TRUE to me now, is that my mind is not a reliable source of news. If it feels painful or critical, I must not be seeing things clearly. There must be a lack of understanding somewhere because if I came from LOVE and I am LOVE, it would feel loving. This creates a natural curiosity for me to listen for what I’m not hearing, looking for what I’m not seeing, and reminding myself that my thinking is not a reliable source of TRUTH. I hope that you are having a wonderful day experiencing all types of LOVE! Sending love,... read more

First Responders: Noticing and Getting Curious

Recently I noticed that when I considered following a new idea or inspiration about my business, some very familiar thinking would show up almost instantly.  I also began to notice the same dynamic kicked-in when considering the holidays or thinking about other things in my life.  What I noticed was a flood of very real familiar thinking, very specific to the topic at hand, would show up in my mental conversation.  This immediate-believable-absolute-feeling-seemingly-truthful flavored thinking showed up almost on que to tell me the truth about how life works. As I noticed this dynamic happening more and more, these thought patterns occurred to me as my First Responders.  Just like emergency first responders that show up on the scene to support us in times of need, these familiar thinking thought patterns show up on the scene to offer me a helpful dose of my reality.  Something smelled fishy; my mental 1st Responders had a bias toward limitation.  I found this interesting too! In the game of life, if you look around, the nature of life is synonymous with potential and possibility.  How could something live in my head, be so familiar, feel so definitive, and not be true about life? In understanding more about our human operating system, we live in a world of thought and then see it as real, so this is where my curiosity kicked in again.  If my First Responders are not telling me the absolute truth about life, what else is there to see to around the topic I’m looking at?  So, it occurred to me to consider there are holes in their stories... read more

Reboot Your Life, a “Do It at Home” Creative Immersion Retreat

Wouldn’t it be grand… to greet the New Year with confidence, courage, and an abiding sense of ease? But holy cow, is that really a thing? Actually, it is! Even if you’ve been grappling for years with the persistent sense that you just don’t know how to get life right, you can discover in yourself a wise, creative, and compassionate guide. You can wake up to your own creative process, a process that is both mysterious and utterly reliable. When understood, trusting the process is not even an issue. Yup, it’s possible, even when you think you’re your biggest barrier to self-expression. Even when you have a history of getting in the way of what you want to create where you want to move in the world. Welcome to Reboot Your Life, a “Do It at Home” Creative Immersion Retreat with Cherie Ray and Molly Gordon Reboot Your Life is a deep dive into the creative spirit that you know lives inside of you but that sometimes seems ridiculously elusive.  It’s designed to show you how you are designed to reboot effortlessly. Join us, and greet the New Year with fresh inspirations and ideas custom tailored to who you a really are, what you really care about, and how life really works. Learn about innate creative process–a creative process that is built into your human operating system. Get a handle on the ways human beings get in their own way (we all do it) and discover the super simple key to getting out of the way. (When you see this, trusting theprocess–your process–isn’t even an issue.) And do it all from the comfort of your own home, studio, or office–while... read more

Where is Aliveness?

It’s fall! It was very exciting to step outside this morning and feel a hint of fall. With the change of weather it occurred to me how that seems to stimulate an awakeness to life. All of a sudden any feeling of stuckness goes to the back and aliveness comes to the fore front. Aliveness is a topic that fascinates me and seems to show up in the majority of my coaching client’s desires for seeking support…

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Where Limitation Lives…

Have you ever wondered where limitation exists in your life? This has became so obvious to me lateley that I felt the need to share. Recently, I have been surprised by the notion of just showing up in life regardless of my preferences and perceived capabilities. It occurred to me, to move with the flow of life and to not micro manage its unfoldment…

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Squirrels-Living Discouragement Proof

On Saturday, I was sitting at my computer and something caught my eye. As I looked up, I saw my bird feeder swinging largely from left to right. At first I thought someone had walked by and pushed it because it was swaying so big. As I looked closer, I saw a squirrel working its way up the trunk, getting in position to take another giant leap at the feeder. With the focus…

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Consistently Buying a Train to Crazy Town

Where do you go when you’re not present in your life in real time? I don’t know about you but I find myself in Crazy Town. I named this place Crazy Town because I find myself there when I’m living from my thinking and not in the moment. Have you noticed how often you find your mind has taken you into another place or time? It’s like waking up from a dream! You were having the full experience…

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Stories and the Actions that Follow

With all the divisiveness and unusual happenings occurring around us in recent times, I often wonder how to affect change or make a contribution. It occurred to me to start right here where I am. This idea showed up. “The most dangerous weapon we possess are the stories we play in our minds which propel our…

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A Journey Into The Unknown

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask this question to a group of intuitive painters who were discussing their upcoming travel plans. One person was talking about visiting Egypt, another about her plans to see Japan, and another about her spring break in Portland. As the conversation unfolded, it occurred to me to ask, what excites you about travel? They looked at me with heads tilted…

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Overwhelm & A Sponge

Lately, in my coaching practice, I’ve heard many clients talk about feeling overwhelmed. They believe it’s from their current life circumstances, or from the amount of ideas that are coming into them. Oftentimes, when you open yourself to the truth that all things are possible, yes even for you, the flood gates seem to open. When this happens, it all appears chaotic or too much to deal with…

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