Level UP: A 4 Month Exploration of Saying YES to Life!

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Saturday, October 5th


This is a transformative 4-month group coaching course that supports you in living with a rich experience of life, seeing potential, living with inspiration, and saying YES to life.

Would you like a fresh experience to your:

  •             Career
  •             Relationships
  •             True self
  •             Peace of mind
  •             Resilience


You’ll gain understanding on:

  •             Success without stress
  •             Living discouragement proof
  •             Living in a rich feeling of life, connected to potential and possibility
  •             What makes high performance possible with less wear & tear on you
  •             Moving from inspiration not insecurity
  •             Seeing opportunity
  •      Seizing opportunity

What stops you from saying YES!    

Would you like someone in your corner giving you a new understanding, fresh perspectives, and creative ideas that lead to greater impact and results?

This is why I’ve created the Saying YES to Life program. There is power and insight when we gather with others and look in the direction of new potential and new possibilities. The combined impact of individual coaching and the collective wisdom of the curated group creates a powerful opportunity to tap into a whole new level of reach, impact, and experience, both professionally and personally.

If this resonate with you, let’s schedule a conversation. Cherie@cherieray.com or call 832.545.8488


Maximum of 8 participants

Your investment: $2775


Launch: 2day Deep Dive Intensive

Saturday, October 5th, 10am-5pm

Sunday, October 6th, 10am-4pm

Group Sessions (Virtual or In-person attendance)

Mondays, 6:30-8pm

October 21, November 4, 18, December 2, 16, 2019

January 6, 20, 2020

Q&A Happy Hour:  Opportunities for Questions and Coaching (via Zoom conferencing)

Support for shared learning with your questions that are relevant to you

October 14, 28, November 11, 25, December 9, 2019

January 13, 2020

Individual Coaching Sessions: 4, 1:1 Expansive coaching sessions to support you in

taking your life to the next level

Closing: 1day Intensive

Saturday, February 1, 2020



Live feeling connected to life!