Latest Webinars, Video and Talks by Cherie Ray

Unleashing Your Creative Potential

Watch Cherie Ray and Molly Gordon as they demystify creativity and explore the fundamental spiritual principles that determine your ability to innovate in every area of your life. Expect laughter, love, and delight.


Reboot Your Life

Join Cherie Ray and Molly Gordon as they talk about their upcoming event “Reboot Your Life, a “Do It at Home” Creative Immersion Retreat”.  They were LIVE on Facebook and explained more about the course and had a question & answer session.  Lots of laughter and super informative!  Enjoy!

Unleash Your Inner Wisdom By Tapping Into Your Personal Creative Process – Podcast

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Doyle Ward on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 on his Blissful Quests show.  We had a lively conversation on the topic of your intuition and your creative process (yes, you have one!).

We took your phone calls and many shared how they combine their intuition and creativity in their lives. Some asked questions and some got a mini-reading.

You can listen to the reply by clicking on the Facebook box to the right.

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