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the simple in the complex

Cherie Ray is gifted, grounded, heart-centered coach dedicated to creative success. She can get you in touch with your aliveness and help you move in the direction of your dreams.

– Alan Cohen, Lecturer, Teacher, and Author

Cherie Ray is a unique and inspired leader into the process of exploration of the self through painting. She aims for truth and freedom of expression, holding the space for people to be who they truly are and realize their joyful potential in their creations.

– Michele Cassou, Point Zero Teacher and Author

Though I’ve focused on my spiritual path for years, it was through my work with Cherie Ray that I was able to round that final corner into unconditional life and peace. Cherie’s steady, shining positivity and creative approach to her coaching were just the mulch I needed to blossom in a whole new way.

– P.V.

I am not exaggerating when I say you changed my life … that afternoon was an awakening for me and within a short period of time a transformation happened. Now I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon!

– K.O.

Why Work with Me?

Many of us desire to live in a fresh way regarding careers, relationships and the creative process? It is not only easier to experience this desire, it’s also natural.  In working together  the opportunity to learn without trying will present itself, and by understanding more, limitations will begin to fall away.

It’s practical. It’s real.


Coaching & Consulting

For Individuals, Business Leaders and Families. Life happens. When it does, we often feel ill-equipped to move through the events, transitions, and challenges presented. Learn More

Leadership Development

What if it was possible discover the one factor that exists in every successful leader? I will show individuals that factor, and how it will bring  greater success into every area of life. Learn More




Team Building

The greatest resource within a company is the people. What is often challenging is how to attract, cultivate, develop, and retain the talent needed to build a company’s vision. Learn More


Creativity Workshops

I will teach you a deep understanding of the principles of creativity and how it applies to every aspect of life and business. Learn More


I am readily available to do talks designed to meet the needs and curiosities of groups, associations, and businesses. Learn More



I mentor individuals in deepening their understanding of the practical nature of spirituality in life, career, and business. Learn More

Upcoming Events

Creativity: The Mysterious and the Practical

Saturday, June 29, 2019

While the creative process can appear mysterious, it operates on sound, dependable principles. In this hands-on workshop individuals will experience and learn how creativity works.

Listening for Understanding

The Jung Center of Houston

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Want better communication? What if it’s not in the speaking but in the listening? In business, love, and life, nothing supports collaboration and goodwill more than understanding.

Creating Your Connection to Limitless Creativity

5 Day Intuitive Painting Workshop

Weds July 24 – Sun July 28, 2019

Experience the natural ability to create. Individuals will learn and experience how to receive, remove limiting blocks and connect to their creative expression.

About Cherie


I bring my uncommon blend of caring, experience, and commitment to my work so clients can experience a deep understanding of how people universally operate, how possibilities and opportunities can be seen, and how the creative process works. From this new perspective clients see how fresh change, innovation, and connection can happen effortlessly.

I am committed to light-hearted learning, and to supporting my clients in following their internal spark while seeing the simple in what looks complex. In my decades of exploring the spiritual nature of life while navigating life in real time, I see where true leverage comes from.

I am an international consultant and coach specializing in human potential, peace-of-mind, creativity, and resilience. My experience in building and selling 3 successful businesses while exploring the spiritual nature of life brings an all-inclusive understanding to my clients for living successful and meaningful lives.

I work with individuals, business leaders, teams, couples, families, and teens. My professional clients span all career paths including physicians, engineers, defense contractors, logistics specialists, artists, scientists, and educators who are seeking to thrive in their chosen professions, instead of burning out. For couples, families, and teens, my work supports them in understanding how rich connection can happen while navigating their uniqueness.

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