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Express Yourself! Why Bother?

Express yourself! Express Yourself? Why bother? What’s the value to your life to express yourself? I’m happy to be the messenger on this topic. Since your arrival on the scene of life, you’ve been told how to be, how to act, what’s right, what’s wrong, how to be, been...

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Love Love Love

In day-to-day life, loving, doesn’t seem like the easiest ride at the amusement park. In real life, there appears to be legitimate reasons to break connection. The connection breaker can be validated and commiserated. We can make differences the problem and build a...

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Your True Home

I came across this and thought you might like it. Sometimes, it appears to me that people avoid creating and following inspirations because it's often an individual exploration. But this essay, to me, states what's on offer by saying YES. I believe creating takes you...

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Following the Inspirations that Come

Following the Inspirations that Come Dear cheryl, Following inspiration is captivating me at the beginning of this new year. It occurs to me that inspiration is an invitation from the Intelligence behind all life to explore beyond the known. Inspiration is something...

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Living Inspired, Naturally!

Here we are at the end of 2019! Can you believe it? I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year! We’re not only starting a new year, we’re beginning a new decade. How exciting is that? How do you want to live in 2020 and the years that follow?...

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Light-hearted? Tis the Season

The holidays are HERE! Are you ready for what this season brings? Maybe it’s just me but I know my expectations, preferences, and story book images of the season can surely get in the way of seeing the gifts that sit right before my eyes. When I watch kiddos, they get...

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Nearsighted, Farsighted, Hindsighted: Giving Thanks

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? It’s the season to put on your gratitude glasses and see all that’s in front of you to be appreciated. Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or hind-sighted, it’s an opportunity to get in the moment and give thanks. I...

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Support for “Ick” Conversations

Maybe I’m the only one who has an adversity to conversations I’d rather not find myself in. I could have been in the circus or worked for the magician, Houdini, because I could find an escape route from these uncomfortable situations. Well, like most things in life, I...

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Following Quirky Inspiration

Taos. This is one word that evokes movement inside anyone who has visited or has longed to visit this unique place. It’s a place filled with real-time postcard images that seem to have been enhanced by Photoshop, but they haven’t. For many years, I’ve had the good...

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If I Can See It, You Can See It!

Just this week I was asked to share what I do, exactly, with my clients. This question offered me the opportunity to step back and see what matters most to me in my commitment to who I work with; so, I thought I’d share it with you. In my work, I support clients to:...

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Otis Wisdom

One day on a break between clients, I was sitting at my computer and noticed my neighbor’s dog, Otis, loose on the street. I immediately went out to the street and put him back inside his fenced yard. I returned to my computer to finish what I’d been working on. Out...

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Saying YES to Life!

Saying YES to Life. Little did I know that I have been doing this, in a big way, for the past 6 years. It wasn’t as conscious to me then as it is now. Now I see that something larger than my mind has been slamming my hand on the YES button to some extreme invitations...

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Natural Inspiration

My soul-sister-artist-friend, Elayne Goodman sent me this creation! I was surprised at the post office with a large package and this treasure was inside. Elayne lives in Columbus, MS and we share the same philosophy on the power of creativity and creative expression....

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Learning Through Living: Insights from a Colonoscopy

Seeing something fresh and new is not special. Human beings are designed to receive insights, fresh thinking, aha moments, whatever you want to call them. It’s built into each of us and you don’t have to do anything special for it to happen. With that said, it’s...

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Saying “YES!”

For the last 10 years, I’ve been consistently surprised by what life offers me and what my mind makes of these offers. When I speak of ‘offers’ I’m referring to invitations and inspirations that reach me through other people or fresh ideas that come into my mind. You...

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Connection: We All Want It

A desire for connection seems to be something we all share. People want to feel more connection in their lives, loves, families, and friends. Another form of connection, often discussed in coaching conversations, is a desire to feel more connection to potential and...

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On Offer? More Freedom

Happy 4th of July! In the United States we celebrate the 4th of July as our declaration of independence from Great Britain beginning in 1776. What does Independence Day mean to you? For me, this date is an opportunity to look deeper into the Truth that I am free...

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Humanness & Insecurity

We’re on the cusp of a New Year! This February marks the 12th birthday of True You Creativity Studio. At the conception of this inspiration, I could never have imagined how many wonderful people I would get to know.

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A Great Gift: “Getting Over Yourself”

I love the fact that all human beings have the ability to receive new information via insight. Insight is the effortless, natural ability to see something fresh. Insight seems to pop into our minds from out-of-the-blue. Something that was once invisible to us becomes obvious… that’s insight.

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4 Tips for Stress-Free Solutions

Hello Friends, Today I’m writing you from Salt Spring Island, BC, where I’m attending a conference.  Preparing for this conference is where this story begins. Getting to Salt Spring requires taking a float plane. It all sounds fun until you get the news that you can...

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This morning the sweetest message came to me, out of the blue, "We came from LOVE, we are LOVE, and we will return to LOVE." It appears to me to be a response to a recent inquiry with God about how my mind makes determinations, conclusions, and assessments. In...

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First Responders: Noticing and Getting Curious

Recently I noticed that when I considered following a new idea or inspiration about my business, some very familiar thinking would show up almost instantly.  I also began to notice the same dynamic kicked-in when considering the holidays or thinking about other things...

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Where is Aliveness?

It’s fall! It was very exciting to step outside this morning and feel a hint of fall. With the change of weather it occurred to me how that seems to stimulate an awakeness to life. All of a sudden any feeling of stuckness goes to the back and aliveness comes to the fore front. Aliveness is a topic that fascinates me and seems to show up in the majority of my coaching client’s desires for seeking support…

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Where Limitation Lives…

Have you ever wondered where limitation exists in your life? This has became so obvious to me lateley that I felt the need to share. Recently, I have been surprised by the notion of just showing up in life regardless of my preferences and perceived capabilities. It occurred to me, to move with the flow of life and to not micro manage its unfoldment…

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Squirrels-Living Discouragement Proof

On Saturday, I was sitting at my computer and something caught my eye. As I looked up, I saw my bird feeder swinging largely from left to right. At first I thought someone had walked by and pushed it because it was swaying so big. As I looked closer, I saw a squirrel working its way up the trunk, getting in position to take another giant leap at the feeder. With the focus…

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Consistently Buying a Train to Crazy Town

Where do you go when you’re not present in your life in real time? I don’t know about you but I find myself in Crazy Town. I named this place Crazy Town because I find myself there when I’m living from my thinking and not in the moment. Have you noticed how often you find your mind has taken you into another place or time? It’s like waking up from a dream! You were having the full experience…

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Stories and the Actions that Follow

With all the divisiveness and unusual happenings occurring around us in recent times, I often wonder how to affect change or make a contribution. It occurred to me to start right here where I am. This idea showed up. “The most dangerous weapon we possess are the stories we play in our minds which propel our…

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A Journey Into The Unknown

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask this question to a group of intuitive painters who were discussing their upcoming travel plans. One person was talking about visiting Egypt, another about her plans to see Japan, and another about her spring break in Portland. As the conversation unfolded, it occurred to me to ask, what excites you about travel? They looked at me with heads tilted…

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Overwhelm & A Sponge

Lately, in my coaching practice, I’ve heard many clients talk about feeling overwhelmed. They believe it’s from their current life circumstances, or from the amount of ideas that are coming into them. Oftentimes, when you open yourself to the truth that all things are possible, yes even for you, the flood gates seem to open. When this happens, it all appears chaotic or too much to deal with…

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I am not exaggerating when I say you changed my life … that afternoon was an awakening for me and within a short period of time a transformation happened. Now I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon!

– K.O.

Cherie Ray is gifted, grounded, heart-centered coach dedicated to creative success. She can get you in touch with your aliveness and help you move in the direction of your dreams.

– Alan Cohen, Lecturer, Teacher, and Author

Thanks, Cherie. Your support for “the creative artist” in each of us was a step on my journey to making this dream come true. I still remember walking the path past the prayer flags to your amazing “True You Creativity” studio…and finding out that, yes, a “DOT” could be art. I had so much fun “playing” in the safe space you create. Keep doing what you do–following your dream–and facilitating and inspiring so many others.

– B.A.

Cherie Ray is a unique and inspired leader into the process of exploration of the self through painting. She aims for truth and freedom of expression, holding the space for people to be who they truly are and realize their joyful potential in their creations.

– Michele Cassou, Point Zero Teacher and Author

Though I’ve focused on my spiritual path for years, it was through my work with Cherie Ray that I was able to round that final corner into unconditional life and peace. Cherie’s steady, shining positivity and creative approach to her coaching were just the mulch I needed to blossom in a whole new way.

– P.V.