How are you? I hope you’re doing well and finding fresh new ways to thrive where you are.
I’m very hopeful during these times that change is happening. I often say that evolution takes many strange faces. In the creative process, we call it ‘creative destruction.’ Creative destruction is when something is destroyed or taken away for new to appear. We see it in nature all the time, i.e. forest fires, hurricanes, natural disasters. 
As a society, we are being faced with situations that are intolerable, horrific, and unprecedented. This year has been heavy handed with what it has dropped in our laps. A society is a vast collection of individuals. As individuals facing these times, many are experiencing overwhelm or at a loss of what to do with the size of the situations being handed. What can you do instead of sitting in overwhelm?
Enlist your creative process to bring forth ideas, solutions, and actions that you can take to make your world and the world around you more peace-filled and unified. If enough of us upgrade our standard operating procedures in our individual lives, change will be created in our society.
I love the idea of us, as a community, taking action on the inspirations and fresh ideas that come to us to create peace, connection, and unity. Let’s all do our part and take fresh actions to create change.
I’d love to hear what fresh ideas are coming to you. Please reach out and share them with me at I look forward to connecting with you.
Sending smiles,