Support for “Ick” Conversations

Maybe I’m the only one who has an adversity to conversations I’d rather not find myself in. I could have been in the circus or worked for the magician, Houdini, because I could find an escape route from these uncomfortable situations. Well, like most things in life, I couldn’t avoid them forever so I decided to see if I could grow a tolerance for them. As I launched this inquiry, over the years, I’ve noticed how my participation in these situations has evolved.


The old model:

1.    Getting face-to-face or ear-to-ear

2.    Looking at them, trying to be interested

3.    Sitting on my hands so I wouldn’t bolt

4.    Thinking I’m listening

5.    Reacting or trying not to react to what they’re saying

6.    Evaluating the Right or Wrong of what they’re saying

7.    Justifying, explaining, or defending my part of the topic


The new model:

1.    Getting face-to-face or ear-to-ear

2.    Showing up as best I can in the moment with as clear a mind as I can muster

3.    Knowing I’m equipped for anything that comes up in this conversation. No need to run.

4.    Putting my attention on the speaker while my mind is whirling a sh—show of commentary.

5.    Staying neutral. This is an active position for me because I see that I can’t hear what they’re trying to say when I’m falling into the story my mind is generating about what’s going down.

6.    Listening for what they’re really trying to convey. Am I getting their point? Am I curious about what they’re saying?

7.    Questioning them to see if I’m understanding what they are trying to communicate.

8.    Still staying neutral. How can we collaborate to address what they are sharing? 

9.    Seeing the value of cultivating goodwill with this person. What can be created NEW from this conversation?


When I review how these conversations go down for me now, I can’t believe I could experience such a dramatic difference in conversations I had once avoided. What surprises me, equally, is the connection and goodwill that comes from listening in a new way. I see where old patterns can’t persist when I show up differently. Something NEW has to happen if I show up differently.


This is typically where I laugh…

What? It’s ME again! Really?



Try doing difficult conversations differently. There’s no perfection, just showing up differently supports change, connection, and goodwill. Something, I believe, we all seek.


Please let me know if you give this a try, I’d love to hear from you!


Sending smiles,




P.S. In these inquiries, I’m fascinated by the limitless Intelligence behind life that brings fresh ideas and solutions to each of us. What it brings, I’m grateful for. The fact that it is always here and in service to me, for living a more peaceful, loving life…amazes me.

Following Quirky Inspiration

Taos. This is one word that evokes movement inside anyone who has visited or has longed to visit this unique place. It’s a place filled with real-time postcard images that seem to have been enhanced by Photoshop, but they haven’t.
For many years, I’ve had the good fortune to facilitate Intuitive Painting workshops at Mabel Dodge Luhan House ( in Taos, New Mexico. This puts me in Taos twice a year for almost two weeks in the spring and two weeks in the fall. With every visit, I learn more about this unique town and the people who were attracted to it. Two immensely creative people who’ve been attracted to Taos were Mabel Dodge Luhan and Dennis Hopper. Why would this pair be on my mind? Mabel created the retreat center 80 plus years ago and Dennis Hopper owned it at one time. The energy of supporting creatives is imbued in the walls.
I find an individual’s creative process fascinating and I wanted to learn more about Dennis Hopper’s, so I started listening to every interview I could find. One of the most interesting comments I remember him saying was, he felt his most creative once he was clear of his addictions. This rang the Truth Bell for me. Why? Because we are naturally immensely creative. We can be awed by this fact once we align with what’s creating vs what we’re creating or the common thought-theme, ‘I’m not creative.’
When I was in Taos this September, on my way back to Mabel’s from the post office, I got an inspiration to visit Dennis Hopper’s resting place. Since I’m here in Taos to support spontaneity, freedom, and following inspiration, with a clear conscience, I couldn’t say no. But you should have heard the sh..t-show of thoughts that flooded my mind about following this inspiration. OMG! The thoughts ranged from reverence to heresy.
As will happen with inspiration, the next step showed up. I went to YouTube and there it was, a driving video to where I was inspired to go. When I arrived, I circled the location a couple of times because I didn’t want to impose on a person who was having a chat with another resident of the cemetery. When the other visitor left, I drove in. What I found was a homage to Mr. Hopper.
It was evident by the adornments to his resting place that he had been impactful to the lives of many. My ‘shame on you thoughts’ for visiting the grave of someone I’d never met changed. A rich feeling of gratitude replaced the spaces in my mind where shame had lived. There was now an abiding respect for all who have followed their inspirations and colored outside the box. I said a prayer of appreciation for all his earthly contributions and how he continues to inspire from where he lives right now.
I would also like to thank all of the creatives who followed their inspiration to come to the Taos September workshop. From the first gathering in the garden to the very last day, this group was filled with fun, collaboration, bursts of creative insights, and truly wonderful people.
Sending smiles,

If I Can See It, You Can See It!

Just this week I was asked to share what I do, exactly, with my clients. This question offered me the opportunity to step back and see what matters most to me in my commitment to who I work with; so, I thought I’d share it with you.

In my work, I support clients to:
  • Understand and discover their True self.
  • See how all human beings fundamentally operate and to understand the spiritual nature of life.
  • Understand where their experience comes from.
  • Understand that every person possesses innate well-being and wholeness. No one is broken.
  • See how state-of-mind dictates experience and behaviors.
  • Orient to the nature of life which is infinite in potential and possibilities.
  • See where burn-out comes from and how resilience can take its place.
  • Learn via insight instead of struggling to figure things out. The answer will never be found in striving.
  • Understand that peace and harmony are never attached to the circumstances of life.
  • Learn how to live easily, naturally, and creatively.
  • Learn how to live fully expressed, seeing opportunities, and saying YES to life.

In this moment of reflection, to state the inspiration that moves me in my work, I would say to live peacefully and harmoniously in this great mystery, called life. I certainly didn’t always see that we (me included in this we), are designed and equipped for whatever this mystery brings us, but I do now. What a difference that makes! This is what I want every client to see for themselves.

I feel very fortunate to support executives, teams, individuals, groups, couples, teens, and families in living more connected, inspired, and peaceful lives.

Sending smiles,

Otis Wisdom

One day on a break between clients, I was sitting at my computer and noticed my neighbor’s dog, Otis, loose on the street. I immediately went out to the street and put him back inside his fenced yard. I returned to my computer to finish what I’d been working on. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement outside my window. When I looked up to see what was going on, I noticed Otis jumping again and again. When I looked closer he was slapping at the gate handle and he was attempting to open the gate! Just as the gate opens, he proceeds to go back out on the street.

I cracked up as I jumped up to put him back inside the gate. When I got to the gate I noticed the opener on the gate was a lever not a knob. I put Otis back in his yard again, saw the plastic newspaper bag, and tied his gate shut.

Otis had made my day. Something inside me relaxed. In my laughter, I realized I was observing universal intelligence at play. I was seeing Wisdom in action. This Wisdom was informing Otis how to get beyond the borders of his containment.

I relaxed because the evidence was screamingly clear, if universal intelligence was in service to Otis, it also had to be in service to me. It was one of those, ‘Jesus take the wheel!’ moments! I don’t know where that phrase originated (my friend says it must be a southern thing) but in this moment, there was yet another validation that a higher, wiser intelligence, besides my individual intellect, is offering support, if I’d just relax and listen. 

Thank you very much for reading this. I love hearing from you.
Sending smiles,

Saying YES to Life!

Saying YES to Life. Little did I know that I have been doing this, in a big way, for the past 6 years. It wasn’t as conscious to me then as it is now. Now I see that something larger than my mind has been slamming my hand on the YES button to some extreme invitations that I just couldn’t wrap my head. As a result, my world has expanded beyond my wildest imagination. In more ways than I could list in this message.

Some of the invitations I mentioned were so extreme that they pushed every ‘NO WAY’ button, belief, and understanding I held to be true about how life works. I shake my head and laugh today because I really believed the answer was NO to these opportunities. These things really did NOT look or feel possible for me. They weren’t even part of what I could see for myself in the biggest vision on the biggest vision board. I couldn’t have been more off the mark. 
That is why I’m so excited about the new program that has been birthed from this exploration, Level-Up: Saying YES to Life. This is a 4 month group coaching program that will give you an opportunity to gain understanding, to see opportunities, to get real support in saying YES to living a bigger life, and having a richer experience of life. The group will be small with a maximum of 8 participants. This program offers you both individual and community support.
(You can read complete details here)
If this resonates with you, let’s have a conversation. We can schedule a time to talk and get to know each other.
Looking forward to connecting with you soon!