Quarantine Creative Gaming

Is your quarantine feeling a bit like Bill Murray’s Ground Hog Day? Well, don’t settle for that! You have the opportunity to feel more alive every day, not just the days you can leave the house. Anytime you want to experience a fresh feeling of aliveness, enlist your creative process. Yes, you have one and it’s waiting for you to engage it by giving it an assignment. Did you know that it’s waiting on you? Did you know it’s there to serve you in your life? In every aspect of your life? From work, to relationships, to creative projects, to living in a whole new way, right where you are.  When you inquire, or get curious about what you could do differently your creative process will deliver fresh insights, ideas, and inspirations. All you have to do is ask, then follow what comes to you, ‘out of the blue.’ No grinding on it, no trying to figure it out. Those practices only work with stale information. Allow your creative process to deliver something that is fresh.
Here’s a quarantine game that I discussed in Friday’s webinar. Want to play?
·     Do something you’ve never done before. Right where you are.
·     How? Ask the question, “What can I do that I’ve never done before?” Ask it a few times, maybe over a few hours or days, be curious, then go about your day. Enjoy your life.
·     Respond to what comes by engaging with the inspiration. No censoring or poo-pooing. Just play with it. Let the opinion of the mind bare no weight on engaging. PLAY!
Here’s a couple of ideas that came to me ‘out of the blue’ that I engaged with:
1.    I did a virtual Prayer Flag class with Grant and Gracie. It was so much fun to share in their creative explorations. I loved their sense of freedom. Who knew you could make a prayer flag for dinosaurs? No limits.
2.    I created a coaching package of goodies in support of my love of country and sent it to Melania Trump. I had all kind of thinking about it but I did it anyway. I felt a rich sense of contribution toward the country I love.
Let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear what you played with.

Thank You

How is your quarantine going? Are you discovering new things about yourself, your home, your work, your family? I hope your discoveries are opening your world.
I wanted to write a message to all the moms out there. You are so integral and special to how this world thrives. You offer your heart not knowing what will be shared between you and the ones you bring into this world, foster, adopt, and those you love like your own. I heard someone say once, that moms are THE ones in the world that are always happy to hear from you and to share in your news.
On this Mother’s Day I hope you feel the love that surrounds you. Matters not if you are a mom to a person. fur person, reptile! I want to say THANK YOU for you.
Celebrating you,

Thrive Where You Are

A few days ago, I planted some sunflower seeds in a cup. I had these on hand because I volunteer on the horticulture committee of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Yesterday morning, I noticed the seeds had broken ground in the little cup sitting in the window. This morning, I noticed a whole load of seeds had sprouted and some others had grown an inch!

At that moment I saw how the nature of life moves forward regardless of the circumstances. A seed sprouts. What makes that happen? The sprout grows without visibly being seen. At another moment we see growth!

This dynamic Mother Nature is displaying, not only happens in nature, it happens in you. This ‘germination’ has happened in you when you get that nudge or niggle to do something, try something, play with something. Engaging with the slightest inspiration is like watering and feeding a seed. We have no idea if it will bear fruit or reap a huge harvest. The leverage for playing with inspirations is to get involved with the inspiration and stop watching to see if it’s growing. If following inspirations becomes a new normal, before long you look up and you’re experiencing a very different world, right where you started.

Thinking of you,


Resting in the Big OK

How’s your staying-at-home going? Are you finding fresh inspirations, time to rest, or no time to rest? You might be noticing how the mind muzak you live in has told you, time and time again, a litany of things that you would do, if you had the time do them. Now you have the time and you’re not drawn to do them, or maybe you are?
I think this is a time of rich opportunity for each of us. This time could be an invitation to drop below the normal mental muzak of ‘shoulds’ and ‘suppose tos’ and listen to the depths of your wisdom. The wisdom that funds us all. It’s a very simple and practical wisdom. “What makes sense for me to do right now?” That’s it!
I encourage you to let go all of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘suppose tos’, giving them as much attention as you give to the change of the wind’s direction and settle into what feels best to you right now. Maybe it’s rest, sitting outside, doing something, or doing nothing. Making whatever you find yourself doing, A-O-K! The land of A-O-K is a sweet place to live. You’re FREE from taking all the self-judgment and report cards on how you’re doing, seriously.
I hope you enjoy the extraordinary gift of an ordinary life!
Sending smiles,

Continued Signs of New

I hope this email finds you relaxed in a time of unprecedented change. It looks like some people are loaded with more responsibilities than ever before and others are sitting with a lighter load. Either way, don’t you find it interesting that the experience you can have is up for grabs and not dictated? I love that! Free will is a powerful companion during times like this.
I also want to thank everyone who’s been gathering together for our Friday lunch get togethers. It’s been great fun to share fresh insights on how to navigate these times. We’ll be meeting again this Friday, April 3rd at noon CDT, 10Pacific and 1pm EDT. Join the FREE webinar easily via Zoom. See the access information below. Please join us and share this invitation with anyone you feel may benefit from a dose of a fun-loving community.
Sending you big smiles,