A Candid Conversation

What are you hungering for? Community, connection, creativity, fresh aliveness? Well all of that can be done safely and virtually. During this time of Covid we’ve discovered that a fun, welcoming community is created when people come together to explore. It’s been wonderful to get together with you for webinars and for workshops. I appreciate all the comments you’ve shared on how virtual participation has supported you through these quarantine times. Thank YOU for participating in making community where community can happen these days!
I want to share this fresh conversation I had with Michele Cassou.
A Candid Conversation with Michele Cassou on Point Zero Intuitive Painting and her life of exploring creativity.
Michele Cassou has authored 10+ books on creativity, as well as numerous audio and video recordings. She has explored the operating principles of creativity for over 50 years as well as being the first art workshop offered at Esalen over 45 years ago. Her work continues to grow and evolve, which is the nature of creativity.
Podcast: Connected Living with Cherie Ray
Truths and Understandings for the Business of Life
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I love hearing from you. Let’s connect for a conversation!

LOVE: A Fresh New Season

What is new with you? How are you experiencing life these days?
I always find it interesting that in times of great contrast in world events, I see there is also great contrast in how people are experiencing these circumstances. I have heard people say that they don’t feel they have a purpose or just don’t know what to do to make a contribution to help. They want to do something that makes a difference or has impact. I just happened to hear this passage being read aloud recently and I thought it had the perfect suggestion for the questions I mentioned before. Please take a moment to read this passage.
“You have a tremendous work to do. It is the silent work of creating more love in the world. It is like the yeast in a lump of dough which does its work very quietly and without any fuss, and yet without it the bread would be a solid lump. Therefore love those souls you are with, love what you are doing, love your environment, and love those souls who are your seeming enemies. There is far more grace in loving the seemingly unlovable than in simply loving those souls who love you. Feel the need for love in every soul, and allow yourself to become a channel for love’s sake, so will the heaviness in the world be lightened, for love brings an element of lightness where there was heaviness and darkness. Love starts in each individual, so look within your own heart and draw it forth. Give it freely and with real joy.”
Eileen Caddy
Hopefully you see there is an offer in what Eileen has stated. I was moved by her words so I’ve decided to adopt what she’s suggesting. I decided to adopt it because it feels good to make a contribution and it supports the feeling I want to live in, in my life. It feels good to love.
I’d love to hear what comes to mind for you on this idea.
I hope you are doing well and finding fresh ways to connect with the ones you love.


It’s September! What a surprise to be approaching a change of seasons. I hope you’re doing well and easily navigating what’s in front of you to do.
In my coaching practice, clients have been asking questions about the bombardment of news they’re presented with. The questions are similar to these:
What do you do with all the bad news coming at you every day?
The load of bad news feels overwhelming. What do you do?
Do you have any tips on this?
In response to these questions, I’ve decided to do a webinar on just this topic. Would you like to bring your lunch, coffee or tea and let’s talk about it? We’ll meet on Zoom this Friday, August 4th at noon Central, 10am Pacific, 11 Mountain, 6pm UK, 7pm Paris.
I’ll share information that will support you and answer any questions you have. Invite your friends, colleagues, or anyone you feel would benefit from this conversation.
I look forward to seeing you Friday!

Presence. Where Are You?

How are you? Here we are in August. I can’t believe September is just days away! I hope you are doing well and the ones you love are too.
Recently I was asked to share a wellness tip in support of the current events we are all experiencing. As I reflected on what seemed most important to suggest, I also noticed that I was drawn to suggest something that is effortless and completely natural. It’s not application based, so no worries there. It’s all too often overlooked and it offers us everything we need when we need it.
What is this magic thing?
Through out our days our thoughts sweep us up and out of every moment. In a flash we are in our minds working out scenarios that are not currently happening or working on a memory from a past situation. In the meanwhile, we are missing opportunities that life has placed right in front of us. Do you notice how often you find yourself in these thought created moments?
What to do? Well, we will be thinkers as long as we’re alive. We can’t do a thing about that. But what you can do is create a practice of climbing out of your head and into the present moment. How do you do that? Throughout the day/evening/night take a breath into your body and drop the story. Magically, you are now present. The present moment offers you peace, wisdom, your next action, and relaxation. The benefits? Reduced overwhelm, less stress, more reilience and creativity, personally and professionally.
It really is natural to human beings to be present. We feel great when we receive it and we feel great when we offer it.
I’d love to hear what comes to mind for you on this topic. Let’s connect, cherie@cherieray.com
Rest well, be well until we meet again!


How are you? Are you getting Zoom-literate now? I hope you’re feeling well and everyone you love is feeling well too.
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