What are you hungering for? Community, connection, creativity, fresh aliveness? Well all of that can be done safely and virtually. During this time of Covid we’ve discovered that a fun, welcoming community is created when people come together to explore. It’s been wonderful to get together with you for webinars and for workshops. I appreciate all the comments you’ve shared on how virtual participation has supported you through these quarantine times. Thank YOU for participating in making community where community can happen these days!
I want to share this fresh conversation I had with Michele Cassou.
A Candid Conversation with Michele Cassou on Point Zero Intuitive Painting and her life of exploring creativity.
Michele Cassou has authored 10+ books on creativity, as well as numerous audio and video recordings. She has explored the operating principles of creativity for over 50 years as well as being the first art workshop offered at Esalen over 45 years ago. Her work continues to grow and evolve, which is the nature of creativity.
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This conversation is available on my podcast. Please share this link with anyone you know that is interested in creativity or living life more creatively.
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