I hope this email finds you and your family well and rested. I’m sitting at my desk watching the street activity out my window. It’s wonderful to see people moving about on bikes, a wheelchair, a skateboard, strollers, and on foot. People are politely and spaciously moving about. Today on my walk I saw an extended family, of all ages, in a group litter brigade collecting trash. These times of unexpected change seem to bring the cream to the surface of our humanity offering us fresh ways to connect and be with each other. We really are all in this together, at a safe distance.
This is a time of immense creativity. My wish for you is to see where new opportunities are waiting to be seen in every inconvenience, every impatient moment, and every uncomfortable feeling. I think we are being invited to find the place within us that is peaceful, loving, kind, and compassionate under the surface chaos of uncertainty. We all have it. It never leaves us, but we do look away from it.
Sending you big smiles,