How’s your staying-at-home going? Are you finding fresh inspirations, time to rest, or no time to rest? You might be noticing how the mind muzak you live in has told you, time and time again, a litany of things that you would do, if you had the time do them. Now you have the time and you’re not drawn to do them, or maybe you are?
I think this is a time of rich opportunity for each of us. This time could be an invitation to drop below the normal mental muzak of ‘shoulds’ and ‘suppose tos’ and listen to the depths of your wisdom. The wisdom that funds us all. It’s a very simple and practical wisdom. “What makes sense for me to do right now?” That’s it!
I encourage you to let go all of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘suppose tos’, giving them as much attention as you give to the change of the wind’s direction and settle into what feels best to you right now. Maybe it’s rest, sitting outside, doing something, or doing nothing. Making whatever you find yourself doing, A-O-K! The land of A-O-K is a sweet place to live. You’re FREE from taking all the self-judgment and report cards on how you’re doing, seriously.
I hope you enjoy the extraordinary gift of an ordinary life!
Sending smiles,