“The creative process is benevolent and supports you in living beyond what you think is possible.”

~C. Ray

True You Creativity Studio

We’re all about the creative process.

What does that mean? We teach you a deep understanding of the principles of creativity and how it applies to every aspect of life; whether you have a desire to express your gifts through personal expression, creative arts, business, or innovation, in any field.

The purpose of this studio is very different from other studios. Why? Because the purpose of this studio is completely for the exploration of the creative process and not about what’s produced. It’s a very unique experience to have the freedom to create in a supportive, safe space, judgment-free, with no goal in mind, surrendering to what needs to be expressed, while following your intuition and cultivating spontaneity.

The inspiration for creating for process, instead of a specific product, allows you to tap into the limitless well of creative inspiration. This rich connection fuels every aspect of your life, i.e professionally, relationships, personal inspiration, and fuels a rich sense of aliveness.

Yes, exploring the creative process offers many benefits. The most important benefits I wish you knew without a shadow of a doubt are:

1. Permission is key to creative expression. Give it to yourself, don’t wait for others to grant it.

2. Create with the Freedom you were born with. There is no right and wrong, good or bad.

3. The intelligence of the creative process is benevolent. It seeks to return you to Freedom.

4. Everyone is creative. It is natural in every human being.

Relaxing and understanding the creative process brings a natural receptivity to the intelligence behind life. You have a limitless amount of inspiration that is eager to fuel your life. I invite you to explore what a joyous and spiritual adventure process creativity can be.

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Attend Virtually!

Join our global community. We have friends around the world participating in live workshops virtually. You will be in the studio exploring side by side with other participants, getting personal attention, and engaging in the group conversations.

“Thank you, Cherie, for making it possible to attend your workshops virtually. I use my tablet! I love the experience of painting with those in the studio and really feel part of the group. I’m amazed what a rich experience it is. But I do miss the snacks!” ~ F.B.

It’s so easy.  For more information email Cherie at cherie@cherieray.com

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