Personal Services

What we do for Individuals


Life happens. When it does, we often feel ill-equipped to move through the events, transitions, and challenges presented. Somehow the owner’s manual for navigating your life never arrived. This is where coaching will help.

While coaching is not therapy, it does educate and support you in understanding how your life can work in a new way. A new way that teaches how your state-of-mind creates your life experience while offering you the opportunity to ground your life in authenticity, infinite potential, and resilience. This is your natural state of being.

Coaching is available via phone/skype, in person, and through intensives and programs.

Reported Benefits:

  • Meet professional demands with ease
  • Confidence in decision making
  • Less pressure and stress
  • Improve connection in all relationships
  • See beyond perceived limits
  • Better sense of well-being
  • Gain clarity, new insights and solutions
  • Grace and resilience through every life situation

Personal Services

What we do for Couples


When you decide you want a new relationship with your relationships, we’re here to help. We coach and teach you how to understand the dynamic you’re experiencing, and how your relationship can be transformed beyond any appearance of insolvable problems. It’s often believed that drastic measures are needed to realize a big change. This is not true. Nor is it true that relationships need to be worked on to be improved.

Our work is not therapy. It is teaching and coaching a new relationship paradigm. By exploring this idea, you will see what is repeatedly not helpful, and find helpful habits that support long-term connection. You will understand your partner better. The current impasse in your relationship falls away naturally. This insightful framework continues to support you and brings ease, admiration, and respect into your partnership.

Reported Benefits:

  • Revitalize relationships
  • Experience change with ease and efficiency
  • Replace struggle with collaboration
  • Increase heart-centered communication

  • Improve intimacy
  • Eliminate blame and distance
  • Bring appreciation to personality differences

Personal Services

What we do for Families


“Love is having a mind that’s uncontaminated.”

Sydney Banks

Complicated histories and patterns of interactions make family dynamics often appear fixed. This means the reactivity of family members is solely based on their individual expectations and perceptions in every situation. As the heat rises, family conflicts appear unsolvable. We often focus on what others are doing or not doing, believing if only they would change, the problem would be solved. This never works. The good news is, change is never dependent on them. Each family member is unique and the desire for cohesiveness and understanding is central.

What if there was a way to bring change through understanding more and struggling less? One of the things coaching helps you do is see beyond conflict and the current situation. There’s a truth about relationships that is often unseen. We help you see it. We educate you on how your orientation and state-of-mind impacts the success and connections in your family. When this is understood, the potential for authentic connection is fluid, and easy communication is the new norm. Space is created where there wasn’t space before.

Reported Benefits:

  • Appreciate the uniqueness of each person
  • Relax, knowing there’s another way
  • Relationships become easier

  • Feel close through understanding, not compromising
  • Change problematic differences to complimentary qualities
  • Better listening


Next Chapter


Transitioning from where you are to where you want to be? Gain the support and state of mind you need for a successful launch into your next chapter.

Are you:

  • Launching your career?
  • Returning to the work force?
  • Wanting to bump up to the next level?
  • Exploring options following a restructuring?
  • Looking for a better fit for your talents and passion?
  • Starting your own business?

In any of these professional situations, there are common elements that will dictate whether you’re successful and how much you enjoy the opportunities being offered. When these elements are understood, you will navigate your new territory with confidence, less pressure and impactful contributions.

You have a lot to offer. This work gives you a competitive edge to live beyond your current professional vision.

Reported Benefits:

  • Appreciate the uniqueness of each person
  • Relax, knowing there’s another way
  • All relationships become much easier

  • The opportunity to feel close through understanding, not compromising
  • Problematic differences change to complimentary qualities
  • Better listening and understanding

Customized Programs

  • A series of In-person or virtual sessions.
  • Multi-day onsite or virtual intensives.
  • Programs are designed to specifically meet your needs and can include individual coaching sessions, retreats or multi-day intensives.

To find out what program is right for you, contact us at 832.545.8488 or