Just this week I was asked to share what I do, exactly, with my clients. This question offered me the opportunity to step back and see what matters most to me in my commitment to who I work with; so, I thought I’d share it with you.

In my work, I support clients to:
  • Understand and discover their True self.
  • See how all human beings fundamentally operate and to understand the spiritual nature of life.
  • Understand where their experience comes from.
  • Understand that every person possesses innate well-being and wholeness. No one is broken.
  • See how state-of-mind dictates experience and behaviors.
  • Orient to the nature of life which is infinite in potential and possibilities.
  • See where burn-out comes from and how resilience can take its place.
  • Learn via insight instead of struggling to figure things out. The answer will never be found in striving.
  • Understand that peace and harmony are never attached to the circumstances of life.
  • Learn how to live easily, naturally, and creatively.
  • Learn how to live fully expressed, seeing opportunities, and saying YES to life.

In this moment of reflection, to state the inspiration that moves me in my work, I would say to live peacefully and harmoniously in this great mystery, called life. I certainly didn’t always see that we (me included in this we), are designed and equipped for whatever this mystery brings us, but I do now. What a difference that makes! This is what I want every client to see for themselves.

I feel very fortunate to support executives, teams, individuals, groups, couples, teens, and families in living more connected, inspired, and peaceful lives.

Sending smiles,