In day-to-day life, loving, doesn’t seem like the easiest ride at the amusement park. In real life, there appears to be legitimate reasons to break connection. The connection breaker can be validated and commiserated. We can make differences the problem and build a life from them.
If we look at the universal nature of human beings, we are all in the same boat together!
1.    They have their ‘what matters most to me list’. You have your ‘what matters most to me list’. The content rarely matches.
2.    What’s obvious to them is not obvious to you. What’s obvious to you is not obvious to them. The content rarely matches.
3.    Where their mind goes, their life follows. Where your mind goes, your life follows. The content rarely matches.
4.    They see life uniquely through their eyes. You see life uniquely through your eyes. The content rarely matches.
5.    People do what makes sense to them in the moment. You do what makes sense to you in the moment. The content rarely matches.
Hopefully, by gaining understanding on how we’re all doing the same things in different ways, we can gain some spaciousness around times when differences look like deal breakers. Since we all possess the ability for fresh ideas, curiosity can replace reactivity and we find fresh places to connect. And we all want to feel connected.
Love, love, love……
It’s not always easy, but it’s the best game in town.
Sending smiles,
PS. I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Let’s connect.