I love the fact that all human beings have the ability to receive new information via insight. Insight is the effortless, natural ability to see something fresh.  Insight seems to pop into our minds from out-of-the-blue. Something that was once invisible to us becomes obvious… that’s insight.

This happened to me recently when I caught myself dreading and dragging to get something done that I needed to do. I spun around my house doing everything except what needed to be done the most. It was similar to being in college and thinking cleaning my dorm room was a better idea than studying for my exams. Crazy!

As I was spinning around avoiding the obvious, an insight in the form of a question popped into my mind, “What would you do if you could just get over yourself?”  Almost immediately, I hear a response to this question, “Oh, I’d just do it.” Just do it? That’s an option? Who knew that was possible or even existed?  And surprisingly, I did just that. I got over myself and completed the task with incredible efficiency, spaciousness, and enjoyment. This was a brand new experience for me.

As I continue with this inquiry of ‘getting over myself’ I’m finding that life gets simpler and simpler with more opportunities than I could imagine for practicing this fresh insight. LOL! I find this inquiry especially helpful when I’ve taken something personally. Yes, even when I take something personally, the sooner I ‘get over myself’ the more I find myself enjoying what life has to offer and the people that surround me.

With the holidays upon us, I felt like sharing this insight with you to support you in having a better overall experience in the coming weeks. With the many expectations we put on ourselves, others, and the holidays, if we could get in the habit of ‘getting over ourselves’ we could get on with the things we want the most, connection with the aliveness of life and connecting with the ones we love.

I hope you’ll give yourself this gift. It’s been a real eye opener for living with greater peace and possibilities.

Sending smiles,