Welcome to summer! I hope your days are full of hope and promise.
This Friday, June 19th (noon CDT, 10 PDT, 1pm EDT, 7pm Paris) I’m having a free webinar on relationships. In my practice the topic of relationships always comes up. Every type of relationship: existing relationships, past relationships, work relationships, a desire for a relationship, and the relationship with your Self are all hot topics.
Please join me and my guest, Del-Adey Jones, Divorce and Relationship Coach (https://www.deladeyjones.com/) as we have an insightful conversation on a hot topic!
Life is living in relationship with it all! Hope to see you on the call.


EVENT LINK: https://www.cherieray.com/event/losing-clarity-in-relationships/

DIRECT LINK TO JOIN ZOOM MEETING: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83593875216