Here we are at the end of 2020!
I think this year speaks volumes about RESILIENCE. Resilience is your innate ability to rise to the occasion. Whatever the occasion is. It’s the spiritual nature of life that delivers to you unseen abilities in the exact moment that you need them. I know for a lot of us this year has served up plenty of surprises, losses, and unimaginable circumstances. Some so unimaginable that if you could have imagined them you would surely believe you couldn’t survive them. But you do.
Resilience is a gift we all carry, and it is at the ready when we need it. With that in mind, you can relax with what the New Year will bring and put your attention on what you would like to explore in 2021. What would you like to play with? I’m going to spend some time considering what would plump my heart and what are the qualities of a life well lived. These things will be put in my recipe for a meaningful 2021.
I would like to express my deep appreciation to each of you for participating in so many great events and conversations this year. I hope the New Year greets you with a big smile!
Happy New Year!