A few days ago, I planted some sunflower seeds in a cup. I had these on hand because I volunteer on the horticulture committee of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Yesterday morning, I noticed the seeds had broken ground in the little cup sitting in the window. This morning, I noticed a whole load of seeds had sprouted and some others had grown an inch!

At that moment I saw how the nature of life moves forward regardless of the circumstances. A seed sprouts. What makes that happen? The sprout grows without visibly being seen. At another moment we see growth!

This dynamic Mother Nature is displaying, not only happens in nature, it happens in you. This ‘germination’ has happened in you when you get that nudge or niggle to do something, try something, play with something. Engaging with the slightest inspiration is like watering and feeding a seed. We have no idea if it will bear fruit or reap a huge harvest. The leverage for playing with inspirations is to get involved with the inspiration and stop watching to see if it’s growing. If following inspirations becomes a new normal, before long you look up and you’re experiencing a very different world, right where you started.

Thinking of you,