Happy 4th of July!

In the United States we celebrate the 4th of July as our declaration of independence from Great Britain beginning in 1776.

What does Independence Day mean to you?

For me, this date is an opportunity to look deeper into the Truth that I am free beyond measure. I’m free to do what I choose, to think what I choose, and to play with life as FREELY as I choose. For me I notice how my mind can suggest a limitation in such a convincing way that I look at it as if it were “sent down with the stone tablets.”

Oftentimes, when I wake up from this well camouflaged thought, I see that it’s only me making up how much freedom I will give myself. No Thing or No One is playing this game with me. It’s just me listening to the convincing thoughts from my very conditioned limited mind.

This Independence Day, I invite you to inquire into any limitations that appear to be true for you. There’s no need to answer or solve anything. Simply questioning the limitation sets the wheels of FREEDOM in motion for you. Freedom is your birthright. Test the limits you create for yourself.

Happy Freedom Day,


PS. In my coaching work and workshops, living free of limitations and living with inspiration, in any circumstance of life, is where I work. If you’d like to explore the possibility of getting coaching support, please contact me and we’ll have a conversation.