Listening for Understanding








A desire for connection seems to be something we all share. People want to feel more connection in their lives, loves, families, and friends. Another form of connection, often discussed in coaching conversations, is a desire to feel more connection to potential and possibility.

This is a natural feeling of hopefulness, in the core of our being, that anything is available to us in life: new LOVE, new health, new inspirations both personally and professionally, new opportunities, and new invitations to explore life.

Connection and what separates us from feeling connected is in my wheelhouse. This is where I like to play. The kryptonite to connection is the same for everyone! I find that truth amazing. That’s why I’m so excited about this Saturday’s workshop being offered at The Jung Center of Houston, “Listening for Understanding.”

This workshop offers a fresh way of connecting while teaching you how to have more productive conversations. Stop having the same base conversation again and again, never making progress or gaining resolution. By learning to listen in a new way, with a desire to understand, connection is possible in the most challenging situations, in both your personal and professional lives. What if how you listen is more essential than how you speak?

When we gain understanding, our natural ability to connect organically happens. From this point potential and possibility are present and obvious to us where it was once invisible.

>> Please join us if this interests you!

Wishing you much rich connection in your life,